Introducing Pathshare

Pathshare uses your phone's GPS to share your location in realtime with anyone you choose. Let your friends find you anywhere - even if you don't know the exact address.

It's exceptionally easy.

With attention to every detail, Pathshare delivers you an exceptional sharing experience like no other. Touch to share and your friends are ready to see you on the map – whether they have the app installed or not. Add further participants anytime.

It’s realtime.

Share your exact location with an entire group of friends, your family, colleagues or business partners using the best location sharing on the market. Location changes are visible instantly on every device – amazingly fast.

It's personal.

Don't miss anything. See who joined or left your session and get notified when your friends are nearby or entered or left a particular area. Pathshare will also read all incoming messages aloud in order to inform you similar to Amazon Echo.

It's private.

Privacy first. With Pathshare you are always in control when you start sharing and when you want it to stop. Simply set a timer.

It's dynamic.

People are the new places. You can choose to navigate to a static destination or to route directly to other session participants. Pathshare calculates the optimal path based on your current movement type. Other participants will also be informed about your ETA.

It's secure.

Using a secure SSL connection and enterprise-grade AES encryption, Pathshare lets you focus on the important things.

It's everywhere.

Pathshare is where you are. Download it for free for your iPhone or Android device.

No iPhone or Android? Follow your friends location on your mobile or desktop browser – or even on your TV.

What our users say about us.

"Simple, intuitive and powerful. I am most impressed by the way this app has combined simplicity, intuitive interface and powerful functionality."

"Fantastic, what a find! So much better than anything in this class. Can't be touched by Glympse or the express version. It's clean, simple, functional and add free."

"I am excited about this app. I travel alone and this is a great way for my family and friends to keep track of my location. Broke down on the highway last year, I wish I had this then."

"Best app I could find to quickly share location to friends."

"Awesome app! This is a fantastic app. It's simply Amazing."

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