Let your family, friends and sponsors track you in realtime
during your run at the New York Marathon.

Business Meeting

Having a meeting with your business partners or customers? Share your location with your colleagues on the way to the meeting place and let them know when you arrive.


Share your location while shopping with your friends so they find you again even when you are flirting with your new handbag or taking a break in the coffee shop nearby.


Let your kids share their location to school in realtime so you don't have to worry. Watch them arrive on your mobile device or in your web browser.


Don't bother about waiting until everyone's ready. Hit the road and share your location in realtime to keep your friends posted about your pub crawl.


Accidents happen. Wouldn't it be helpful if your helpers knew your exact location? Pathshare allows them to track you in realtime using multiple channels.

Your Story

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