Where can I get Pathshare?

You can download Pathshare for the iPhone from the iTunes App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store.

What are the phone requirements to run Pathshare?

We've build Pathshare for iOS 8 and newer as well as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later. Also your device should come with GPS support and in case of Android with the latest version of the Google Play services.

Is Pathshare free for as many sessions as I wish?

Yes, our simple location sharing service is for free. But we're also working on premium services which will be at a small cost (there's no price plan defined yet) to let us run the app.

How often does Pathshare update the user's location?

The user's location is updated immediately after every significant location change. If an user does not move, the location stays the same until a new location change event occurs.

How accurate is the user's location?

The accuracy of the user's location varies depending on the user's speed. The faster the user moves the less accurate is his location. This behavior helps to optimize the energy consumption and therefore significantly save battery life.

How do I practice good location sharing etiquette?

Please don't annoy your friends with a lot of requests to share their location if they don't want to. We think it's important to let everyone decide by themselves if they want to share their location for an occasion or not.

Do I have to provide my real name when I share my location?

No, you are free to use whatever name suits you and lets your friends recognize you as a person.

Can everyone with a link to my session see me in realtime when I'm sharing?

Yes! Therefore you should only share the link with those you would like to see you. Don't share your location if you don't want anyone to see it.

Does Pathshare send any private data to the Pathshare server?

Yes, as long as you're sharing your location, we're recording your location data together with your chosen username. That's all.

Does Pathshare use your phone number?

No. Pathshare uses a randomly generated, anonymous user token to correlate the user location with your selected user name. No other information is beeeing transmittted from the Pathshare client and stored on the server. Passing the link to your contacts happens on a direct way (e.g. by text message) and not by a Pathshare service.

How secure is the communication between Pathshare and my phone?

Pathshare uses an encrypted state-of-the-art connection for the transmission of your location to our service. It's the same protocol that's also used with your online bank account.

How how long does Pathshare transmit your location?

Unless you leave the session, Pathshare transmits your location data for the time defined in the session.

Who can join a Pathshare session?

When you create a Pathshare session, you can invite anybody by sharing the session link using one of the available messaging apps. The number of users you can invited is not limited.

What happens after a session has expired?

Your phone automatically stops transmitting your location data. Other users will no longer be able to see your location.

Can I join a session that has already expired?

No. Once a session has expired, it can no longer be joined. You can start a new one any time.

How do I join a session?

If someone shares their location with you, you will receive a message from their phone. You can click on the URL provided in the message which will open the Pathshare app. If you confirm the sharing dialog, your friends can see you too.

If there is no app installed on the phone, the session will open in watching mode in the browser.

Can I share my location using the browser?

No, you can only share your location with the Pathshare app. The browser application only provides a watching mode.

How do I create a new session?

You can create a new session by simply clicking on the round map when you start the application. You then choose the contacts you would like to share your session with and then select the duration. The message window will then appear. Send the messages and the session will start.

For Android the App guides you through the session creation process. When the session is running, click on the share button on the action bar to share your location via the messaging service you wish.

How do I exit a session?

Just click on the exit button (cross) on the top right of the screen.

How do I change my name?

Open the left slide menu by clicking on the upper left item. Click on Settings and edit your name. Save.

What do the icons mean?

Each screen has its specific actions described by icons. Here are the explanations:

How do I watch a session on my web browser?

Enter the provided session link in your web browser and see the session in realtime.

Does this work in every web browser?

If it's recent enough, yes. It works on all kinds of phones like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile or even on your TV!