Pathshare is the real-time location sharing platform for people and things.

We provide real-time context for more spontaneity.

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We’re changing the dynamics of the world moving around us

Location and time are the most important context filters for our next actions. Whether you choose from a pickup point for your Lyft, check the ETA of your delivery en route or follow your friends on a night out, Pathshare provides you with a platform that feels the dynamics around us.

By using available sensors like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Gyroscope and many more, we develop a sixth sense of the movement around us that we cannot see with our eyes.

Feel your surroundings, automate like magic

We’re building powerful location sharing apps and services for consumers and professionals. Through our platform, we automate processes that make our environment feel like orchestrated through a magic wand.

Feeling your surroundings gives you freedom for spontaneity - for millions of people in the world.

Executive Board

Jaro Habr

Co-founder, Development

Stefan Schurgast

Co-founder, Product

Thomas Maurer

Co-founder, Operations

Zoe Georgiou

Marketing & Design

Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.

Join the team

We’re looking for visionaries, connected leaders and technology matchmakers that build with us the future of how we experience the world moving around us.

Product & Development

iOS App & SDK Developer

Android App & SDK Developer

Data Scientist & ML Engineer, Telemetry

JS & WebGL Developer

Sales, Marketing & Support

Product Marketing Manager

Account Manager

Work location is Zurich, Switzerland or remote

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