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We help delivery companies like yours serve customers. Ready for end-to-end customer communication? Want to automate reporting? Integrate into your CRM? Let's go!

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  • Dashboard

  • Pathshare App

  • In-Browser App

  • SMS

  • Analytics

Delivery, your way.

Build trust.

Meet your customer's expectations in last mile delivery

  • Estimated arrival time at customer site
  • Live updates on delivery status
  • Adjustable delivery option
  • Clean and easy to use user interface
  • Staff rating and direct feedback

Engage your customers.

Inform proactively. Live.

Provide customers with proactive updates with live maps, delivery tracking and the possibility to reschedule or relocate.

With Pathshare, customers see the estimated arrival time. Trigger a message as soon you are nearby to reduce your waiting time.

Customer maps are all web-based (i.e. no app needs to be installed).

Better orientation.

Cutting edge features.

New jobs are dispatched to your drivers using the dashboard by sending a job invitation text message. As soon as the driver opens the link and accepts, the customer can see the estimated time he receives his delivery.

Cutting edge features such as an AR view help your drivers deliver goods right there where your customers whish them to be delivered.

Full information in your mission control center.

Dispatch and orchestrate using the dashboard.

Wether you run a full call center or use a smaller setup, having the full overview over your current jobs and live locations of your drivers is crucial in order to operate efficiently.

Analyze current and past jobs to learn how to further improve your business.

Integrations into other applications like your CRM, messaging systems, email and thousands of other possibilities help you automate all administrative tasks and let you focus on your core customer promise.

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