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Roadside assistance

Pathshare Professional Bitlane Edition is an end-to-end dispatching and communication solution between motorists, call center and dispatching agents as well as technicians.

Team coordination

Coordination between and within teams. Divide a large area into multiple geo areas and resupply team automatically as soon as they finished their work in one area.

Legal investigation

Reduce communication efforts by automatically informing customers about the estimated arrival time on site. Visualize the team’s location from a control room for better coordination.

Public Transportation
Taxi Services

Pickup customers at their suggested location. Integrate any payment service to charge for trip based on start and end geofences.

Police & Fire Departments

Coordinate operations and inform the control room when officers enter and stay in critical areas and buildings. Ensure increased attention by highlighting when on foot or driving.


Let your customers know when you arrive. Provide live updates on the map and notify them about arrival time.

Retail Click & Collect Services

Prepare customers’ grocery bags just in time before they arrive at the click & collect stations. Contact sales for individual solutions.

Telematics and Asset Tracking

Trigger alarms as soon as your security transport leaves the predefined route. Optimize driving routes, monitor driver scores and automate reporting.


Broadcast sport events together with live location data and rank list of the athletes for millions of viewers. And build ghost runners and virtual pace makers for your training application.

Field Service

Let your workforce deliver on-site service with optimal productivity using Pathshare Professional standalone or integrate into your favorite CRM suite like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and many more.

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