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If a mobile app is just too much overhead, stick with the browser for a low entry barrier. Pathshare lets you share your real-time location there too.

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Location sharing within the browser

There are many situations in which you would like to ask a customer for his location or let him set a meeting point. But when the customer will only use your service in rare occasions, downloading an app through the App Store or Play Store is a huge overhead and will ruin the customer experience.

This is exactly when it’s a good idea to use a browser based app, also known for a progressive web app (PWA). Here are some common examples.

Differences between Mobile App and In-Browser App

Here are some differences between sharing your real-time location in a browser app or in a mobile app.

Mobile App or SDK

In-Browser App

real-time location sharing
set and update meeting points
ability to share the location when the app runs in background
account with username
push notifications
voice notifications
set in-app geofences
motion activity
white label / your corporate design
many more

Your corporate style (white label solution)

Customize your design from within the Pathshare Dashboard to match your product or company style. Simply upload logo, adjust colors and texts. Try it now and create an account.

Or, contact sales for individual solutions.

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